Victory Prima Pils: A Perfect Summertime Brew

Victory Prima Pils

Victory Prima Pils poured a delightfully sunny, golden yellow with a fluffy white head. Mine poured with 1½ fingers, while my companion’s poured with well over two fingers, plus his stuck around for much longer than mine. Maybe my glass wasn’t quite as beer-clean as I had thought?

The aroma of Prima Pils was mostly grassy, herbal hops, backed by a sweet, bready malt and yeast. The grassiness was the star here and even before tasting, I knew this would be a thirst-quencher.

Its lively, but not overdone, carbonation danced on the tip of my tongue, smoothing out as it slid down the sides and back of my tongue. Overall the body was medium-light and wholly refreshing, with a hoppy dessication on the sides of my tongue through the finish.

I had taken my very first sip just as my company was arriving. After swallowing, I bounded downstairs to let him in and, once a few good moments had passed, all of a sudden I was treated to a lovely malty aftertaste; one of sweet, unbaked bread. I was happily surprised to have this sneak up on me so many minutes after the sip was finished.

Once I had more time to discern the flavor entirely, I found that the palate followed that of the nose quite well; grassy hops at the start along with some grapefruit toward the middle of the tongue (which my companion had pointed out—definitely a good call there!), leaving that lovely dryness in the finish that I mentioned above. The hops became more and more balanced by the bready malt as I enjoyed sip after sip. Truly a complex German-style pilsner that I cannot wait to pick up again.

At 5.3% ABV, Victory Prima Pils is a perfect summertime session beer, leaving the palate refreshed and ready for more. I highly recommend this brew.

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  • ChinaMatt July 7, 2010 @ 10:03am

    Prima Pils is my favorite pilsner. And Victory makes some of my favorite beers with Hop Devil and Storm King. It’s too bad my friend moved out of the area–he used to live 15 minutes from the brewery.

  • Rob July 7, 2010 @ 10:04am

    I couldn’t agree more. I can probably count on one hand (or less) the number of pilsners that I like, and this one I actually think is terrific. Great beer. Great brewery!

  • Hannah July 7, 2010 @ 10:09am

    ChinaMatt – I just finished off two 6-packs of the Hop Devil this past weekend – love it. And I love, love LOVE the Wild Devil, with the Brett strain – have you had it? Delicious!

  • Hannah July 7, 2010 @ 10:10am

    Rob – I am with you ALL the way. I was actually apprehensive picking up a pilsner yesterday because I’m usually so very disappointed! I’ve got to say though, I am so very glad I picked up the Prima Pils. Great dimension.

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