Victory Storm King Imperial Stout

Victory Storm King Imperial Stout

Yesterday I decided brunch at Shango was in order. It’s a New Orleans-style bistro with tasty food (at least I can speak for the brunches – I’ve not tried dinner there) and an even better morning beer list.

Typically I start most days off with coffee, strong and black. To that end, I thought a rich, bitter imperial stout would be the best way to begin, beer-wise. I scanned the beer list, which differs from that online, and found just what I was looking for; Victory Storm King Imperial Stout. As soon as I took a whiff, I knew I had chosen well.

Victory Storm King’s aroma was one of roasted, bitter coffee, baker’s chocolate and a hint of smoke. There was also a scent of pine, presumably from the hops. It poured deep, thick black in the glass with a finger and a half of rich, tan-colored head.

Its flavor followed suit, dominated by the bitter cocoa and heavily roasted coffee, along with that piney hop flavor, which balanced out the thickness and chocolate-coffee bitter character of the stout. The alcohol was well-hidden too, which was great at 9.1% ABV. Storm King’s medium body was lighter than I expected and well carbonated, keeping it rather drinkable, instead of cloying.

Truly, it was a great pick to start my Sunday morning and a brew I’d have again, any time of the day.



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  • Rob August 9, 2010 @ 9:20am

    Good Morning.

    I really enjoy this beer, too. Very rich and flavorful. Price is right as well. Victory is a terrific brewery and this is one of their best!

    Talk to you soon.

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