Video: Anchor Brewing Gives a Lesson in Holiday Cheer

Anchor Brewing Our Special Ale 2012 Label

Anchor Brewing is based in San Francisco, CA, so they see very little snow this time of year. They’ve still got a solid seasonal spirit rocking though, evidenced by the release of their newest holiday brew and two rad new videos.

Their first Christmas ale was released in 1975, and each year since, they’ve altered the recipe, while developing a serious following of people who are always anxious to try it out during the holidays.

They don’t reveal any of the ingredients, because as the Anchor worker states in the video below, if they told you, they’d have to kill you.

It’s not just the beer that has their fans coming back either. Each year, with the changing of the recipe, the label is changed as well. As they say, "a handmade beer deserves a handmade label." Most of the labels are drawn by an illustrator named Jim Stitt, featured in the video below.

So if you’re having trouble getting into the spirit this holiday season, grab yourself Anchor Brewing’s Our Special Ale. Relax and forget all of the stresses that often fill our minds this time of year. Think of the hands that crafted your beer; everything about it is made for your enjoyment during this special season.

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