Video: Beer Pong Trick Shots

Beer Pong Trick Shots Wherever bros are bored, there will be drinking. Wherever there is drinking, there will be drinking games. Wherever there are drinking games, there will be beer pong. Wherever there is beer pong, there will be bros. With all due respect to the Lion King, this is the real circle of life. I’m definitely being a bit unfair though. Beer pong is not solely the domain of the bro. I mean, who amongst us hearty drinkers has never gotten bit by the beer pong bug? Every so often you need to take a break from the murky darkness or aromatic hoppiness of your favorite craft concoctions and let your hair down with some good old fashioned chugging. And what better way to do that than with a little competitive hand-eye coordination? Hell, practice for long enough and you might even end up as good as these guys. But probably not.

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