Video: Check Out Newcastle’s “Big Game” Ad

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 4.32.28 PM

Don’t look now, but the Super Bowl is almost here. Although we don’t know who’s playing in the big game yet, it’s about time to rev your engines and get excited. Just think…the pizza! The chips! The beer, my God, the beer! And, of course, the commercials. 

Ah yes, Super Bowl commercials. Every year, droves of people who could really care less about men in tight pants throwing an oblong hunk of pigskin around gather in front of the television and eagerly anticipate the creative glories (or lack thereof) of big budget advertising. 

Of course, the commercials you see during the broadcast of the game represent some of the most astronomical costs per second of airtime that this world will ever know. Not everyone can afford to play in this space. So what’s a smaller brand to do?

Well, if you’re the geniuses at Newcastle, the answer looks a little something like this. Enjoy!



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