Videos: How to Tap a Watermelon Keg (or) You Can't Tap a Belly Button

Watermelon Keg

There are still a number of watermelon-worthy, summery days ahead before the fall, kids. If you’re heading to any end-of-season parties or even throwing one yourself, consider this: watermelons were made for tapping. I learned recently, in the making of the below video, just how easy tapping a watermelon keg is. And, let’s face it; it’s not often you find the opportunity to pour your cocktail straight from a melon. Turning a watermelon into a cocktail keg creates only a functional centerpiece, but a conversation starter too.

Without further adieu, learn how to make a watermelon keg:

Watch a larger version of the video here, plus get a delicious Watermelon Sour cocktail recipe, perfect for filling your cocktail keg.

Now, if you’ve learned anything about the crew at KegWorks, you’ve learned that we tend toward the goofy. While making the instructional How to Tap a Watermelon Keg video, we started to come up with a list of others things we could tap … or, rather, things we shouldn’t tap.

Stay tuned all the way to the end – the outtakes are the best part!

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