Video: Mariners Fan Catches Baseball in His Beer

Foul Ball. Good catch. Bad execution. What else can I say? I do love this dude for his effort and enthusiasm. Chugging a beer with a baseball inside of it is probably quite difficult. Add to that, the sheer excitement that comes from catching a baseball at a major league game with any apparatus, be it your hand, a mitt, or your beer. I imagine the adrenaline was also running high, and he had his best bro beside him, cheering him on with unyielding intensity. In fact, if you look closely at the video below, you can almost read his friend’s mouth. He’s saying, “Chug that shit, bro. Chug that shit.” mariners fans catches ball with beer I say kudos to you, my friend. You did well under extraordinary pressure. So you got the majority of the beer on your shirt. Who cares? Your 5 seconds of fame were way worth it.

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