Viva la Cocktail

Last night I headed on down to Cantina Loco to catch up with old friends and celebrate another year on this Earth. My very first visit there, I was looking forward to taking in the atmosphere and trying out some new cocktails (at least new to me), and I did exactly what I’d set out to do. Not only is the food delicious, but each of the drinks I tried conjured up the idea of being somewhere other than Buffalo, NY; somewhere southern, somewhere warm, somewhere inherently spicy. Chupacabra Cocktail The first cocktail of note is Chupacabra. Named for the legendary cryptid, this drink certainly lived up to its name, boasting a mix of Don Julio Blanco, fresh lime, jalapeno and ginger beer, garnished with a chile-salt rim and fresh mint. Caipirinha The national cocktail of Brazil, Caipirinha is a delicious concoction of cachaça (sugar cane rum), muddled fresh lime and raw sugar. Sweet, with a kick of sour citrus, I’d been wanting to try it for years and I’m certainly glad I finally did. Cucumber 75 One sip of this signature cocktail had me thinking only of summertime. Cucumber 75 is positively refreshing and one of my very favorite drinks of the evening. Made up of Lunazul Blanco, St. Germain, cucumber, fresh lime and sparkling wine, I will not only order this again on another visit to Cantina Loco, but I’ll be sure to mix it up at home, poolside. Viva la cocktail, my friends. [techtags: Cocktail Recipes, Drink Recipes, Mexican Cocktails, Cinco de Mayo]

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