Vodka with Substance? It’s About Time.

Karlssons Gold VodkaTypically when I reach for liquor, it’s bourbon, like Buffalo Trace or Maker’s Mark. I love a good sipper, with complex flavors and aromas that I can ponder as I enjoy. I’ve never been much of a vodka drinker, except for the occasional vodka soda or vodka tonic when so inclined in summer, or a spicy bloody mary on a Sunday morning. Usually I choose whiskey or a delicious dark rum, and I keep it simple.

This morning, I happened upon this article mentioned to me in my Twitter feed, thanks to a climber and fellow cocktails connoisseur. After reading, I realized there may finally be a vodka out there that I could actually truly enjoy.

Enter Karlsson’s Gold Vodka, distilled from 100% virgin Swedish potatoes. The first vodka of its kind, Karlsson’s Gold opposes all other vodka’s preoccupation with near-flavorless purity. It “uses a blend of five potato varieties, chosen for their flavor as well as their terroir… like grapes, potatoes bear the imprint of soil, moisture, water quality, and temperature.” The result? A vodka you can taste. And not your run-of-the-mill flavored vodkas, like grape or coffee, but a flavor that is derived from the potatoes from which it is created, “pleasantly nutty and spicy.”

Of course, this Karlsson’s Gold won’t be for everyone. Its unique flavor won’t taste quite right in most standard vodka cocktails. “The best way to drink it, says Mr. Tranvik, is like whiskey: at room temperature, on the rocks, or with water. A bit of fresh-cracked pepper compliments it nicely. And then do what perhaps no one in America has done with a glass of vodka in 30 years: sip.”

Now that’s a vodka I can stand by.


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  • Tyler February 6, 2011 @ 2:02pm

    If you like Karlsson’s give Schramm Vodka a try too. It is a sipper as well. A little more pricey and produced in smaller batches but it is organic. It has also won a double gold.

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