Vote! Help Us Choose the Top Holiday Gifts of 2012

Vote Top Gifts for 2012

Retail stores like to put together gift guides – and that’s great. Personally, I’m a fan of anyone who gives me good ideas because I’m not a fan of shopping and the holidays are stressful enough. It’s not uncommon to find me wandering around a store aimlessly, racking my brain and wasting my time.

Shopping online is way more productive and if someone delivers a great gift suggestion right to my inbox, it saves me a whole lot of time and brainpower.

The thing that sometimes irritates me is the promise of great gift ideas, with subpar delivery. How many times have you looked at something that promises to solve all of your gift-giving problems, only to find completely random crap that no one would really want? Sorry Target, I appreciate your offer to help but the truth is I’m not going to give the guy I’m dating an Oral-B Professional Care SmartSeries 5000 and although my mom enjoys cooking, I’d probably be demoted from being her favorite child if I gave her a 4-pack of bamboo spatulas.

Who picks those gifts anyway?

In an effort to put together an awesome gift guide that actually helps you, we’ve decided to do something revolutionary and ask our customers what gifts they’d like to receive.

Instead of just putting a bunch of stuff we’d like to sell together under a festive "Gift Ideas for Him" graphic, we’re doing our due diligence and conducting some research.

Here’s where you can help: Vote for the gifts you like best.

It only takes a couple of minutes, it’s kind of fun to do, and you’ll be helping out your fellow holiday shoppers. Who knows, you might even get a few ideas.

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