Voting Day

Rogue American Ale Beer GlassVoting isn’t necessarily beer related, but the party afterwards certainly can be. We enjoy our basic rights and although the system certainly isn’t functioning as well as it should, we have an obligation to vote. One of the great things about having our friend from Russia visit KegWorks was getting an international perspective on how good we really have it. We have a chance to change the actions our country takes. Become educated on your choices and have your say. I know there is an argument that your measly little vote doesn’t count, but if you and all of your friends, and all of your family, and all of your co-workers, and all of your neighbors said that, it would be a much more significant number not voting. These people probably have similar values to you. Similar ways of thinking and similar interests. At very least you should do your civic duty to cancel out your crazy Uncle Fred…

Everyone has an interest! If you are a student, not a student, have a job, don’t have a job, ever go to the doctor, shop, sell, have kids, don’t have kids, own a home, don’t own a home, drink bottled water, drive a car, pro-prohibition (probably won’t be reading this blog ☺), anti-prohibition, whatever, – you have an interest!

Find your polling place and vote.


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