Washington Post BEER MADNESS

Which brew will reign supreme? Have a hand in choosing by voting in The Washington Post’s Beer Madness brackets! Beer Madness, is their “annual quest for Everyman’s favorite brew, returns with a twist.This year, [they’ve] included beers from 22 nations.” The first votes could be cast starting yesterday; round two begins on March 24th.

Last year’s Beer Madness winner was Troegs HopBack Amber, which I had the pleasure of enjoying on tap for the first time, just Tuesday. Deliciously sweet in the beginning with a kick of hops through the finish, it beat out Ommegang Hennepin in the final round, 7 – 2. The judging panel is described as non-beer-geeks who considered Hennepin “Too sophisticated for my palate” and that rather, [they] “like the simple flavors of hops.”

To each his own, I always say.

If you don’t want to see your favorite brews benched, make sure to do your part and vote each round.



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