Water Turned Wine Gone Awry

This morning, Dave sent me a link to an interesting article from Times Online. Seems the celebration of White Wine Pouringthe annual wine harvest, Sagra dell’ Uva, in Marino Italy went a bit haywire last week.

Each year, it is tradition to have “water turned into wine” – 3000 gallons of it – for all to enjoy. White wine pours lavishly out of the Fountain of the Four Moors in celebration of the wine harvest. Throngs of people wait patiently, jugs and receptacles in hand, for the “miracle” to occur. They fill their containers, sip, enjoy and go on their merry way… at least, that’s usually how it goes.

This year, there was a bit of a mix up. Instead of wine flowing out of the fountain, it seems the pipes got switched – and wine poured incessantly from faucets in households instead.

Some took this as quite a treat. Others were not quite so impressed – especially those who were trying to get through housework. Quoted from the article, “one woman said that she had been cleaning the floor at the time and as she refilled her bucket, ‘I noticed the smell of alcohol. Wine is fine for drinking, but not for cleaning.'”

Read the article here.

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