Welcome To The Week of Daily Draft Beer Deals

KegWorks Draft Deal of the Day
It may be Monday but I have a feeling that this is going to be a good week – especially if you’ve got a draft beer system or you homebrew.

We’re kicking off our first weekly series of daily draft beer related product deals – where each discount lasts just 24 hours. Today through Friday, we’ll post the deal of the day here on our blog at 9am every morning – and then we’ll share it on our Facebook page, Twitter account, and this Pinterest board.

Today’s deal is this beautiful Perlick Perl Draft Beer Faucet in stainless steel. It’s regularly $40.99 but until 9am tomorrow you can snag it for $30.99 and save yourself a nice, crisp Alexander Hamilton (he’s the guy on the $10 bill).

Much more sanitary than the average draft faucet, this advanced Perlick tap is designed to make sure that your beer has absolutely, positively no exposure to air – which is a really beautiful thing because that means there’s no way mold or bacteria can grow. Perlick’s are so high quality and so in demand that they pretty much never go on sale, so I’d advise that you take advantage of the savings while you can.

Besides, ten bucks is enough to buy you two craft beers at a bar, a really decent bomber, or a couple of those canned-shaped glasses I recently blogged about.

I could go on but I’m already wasting precious time, so go ahead, seize the deal and get your new Perlick faucet now.

Just don’t get so excited that you forget to check back tomorrow and see what deal we’ve got going on then.

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