What a Beer Guy!

Beer Guy Adam CarterMeet Adam Carter, a Fulbright scholar with a Master’s degree in international development and the best-known stadium beer guy in Chicago. Adam spends his summers selling beers to thirsty baseball fans at Wrigley Field and the Cell but his passions lie far beyond the ballpark. Sure, he earns his living selling beer but he spends his life helping others.

During baseball’s off-season, he travels all over the world to provide aid to the people who need it most. Whether he’s feeding malnourished kids in Brazil or supplying mosquito nets in Senegal, he’s bettering the world for people who live on next to nothing.

“For the price of a beer, I can make a profound difference,” said Adam, founder of Cause Beer Guy Adam Carterand Affect Foundation. He calls his work “micro-philanthropy” and focuses on making a difference, one life at a time. Last year Mr. Carter distributed approximately $10,000 worth of aid to developing countries.

Many of his regular Cubs and White Sox fans know about his charity work and contribute generous tips to the cause.

Check out beerguy.org or causeandaffectfoundation.org for more on Adam and his efforts.


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