What American Craft Beer Week Means to Me

American Craft Beer Week is upon us, and I have some sad news to share. I recently overheard someone who otherwise loves beer describing this much celebrated time as “just another elaborate marketing initiative.”

Despite being the very type of marketer responsible for coming up with such events, I was rather upset by these remarks. Sure, American Craft Beer Week is designed to promote craft beer and the brewers who make it – but it’s oh so much more than a coordinated pitch to boost sales. I think that that the best way for me to respond to such naysayers is to share what American Craft Beer Week means to me. So, here you have it.

What American Craft Beer Week Means to Me

Passion American craft beer is a product (and an industry) of passion. Almost all of the people who make and drink American craft beer have a boundless enthusiasm for it – and that makes a big difference. We’re not talking about beer that’s mass-produced by machines, we’re talking about a delicious form of drinkable art. Thought, love, and careful consideration go into every batch – and that’s a difference you can taste.

Pride Along the same lines, American craft beer is a simple luxury that we can be proud to indulge in. Not only are we getting a quality beverage, we’re supporting an American made product that is boosting our economy and helping to create jobs.

Community The fantastic, expansive, welcoming sense of brotherhood (and sisterhood) that this shared passion has created is nothing short of incredible. I have made more new friends and had more rewarding experiences as a result of my love for craft beer than any other hobby or interest I’ve ever had (except for maybe the Girl Scouts – but that was a really long time ago.)

Ambition It’s not easy to be the little guy. You have to work really hard, sacrifice a lot, and make your own way. American craft brewers all over the country are strapping on their boots, spending 18 hour days at the brewery, doing six peoples’ jobs at once, and loving every minute of it because they’re making something they truly believe in. That’s a beautiful thing.

Celebration The events taking place this week are being held to recognize and celebrate everything that craft beer stands for and all that it’s done (and will continue to do) for us. If that’s not worth celebrating, I don’t know what is.

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