What Do Charlie Sheen & KegWorks Have in Common?

Maybe it’s a stretch but we’re going to go ahead and say that Charlie Sheen and KegWorks both do a decent job keeping “goddess” Bree Olson entertained.

Found on her personal Twitpic account, the caption reads “Lol now my party owes the bartenders 10 drinks.”


That statement seems to suggest that it took her party a while to figure out what all of those letters on this original KegWorks bar sign mean. If you’ve already figured it out, you’ll know why she owed the bartenders drinks. If not, just visit this page for an explanation. Judging by the excitement around here I think it’s safe to say that if Bree needs any additional clarification, there are a few guys in our office who would be willing to help her out. Cheers!


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