Alter Egos

They are “The Flirt,” “The Stunt Man,” “The Chill/Laid Back One,” “The Comedian,” “The Luuuv-uh,” “The Fighter,” “The One That Should Seek Therapy,” “The Talker,” “The Dancer,” “The Social Antichrist” – just to name a few…

I Drink to Make Your More Interesting Bar SignSo, what’s your drunken personality? Yes, we’d really like to know.

NOTE: Those of you who don’t swear like a sailor (like some of us here at KegWorks), may find some above links offensive (or maybe not – who knows?). We know you’re not exactly the prudish type, I mean, you do read our blog and buy our stuff… So, um, use your best judgment, common sense, and all that good stuff and just enjoy a good laugh at someone else’’s expense…BTW, these aren’t our videos – and as far as we’re concerned, the people in these videos are legal to drink wherever these videos were shot; otherwise it’s just plain stupid for them to post these online. I mean, who’d want evidence of their underage stupidity floating around only to resurface when they run for office? [*cough*]. Anyhoo… this wraps up the disclosure spiel. Enjoy the videos and tell us what you’re like when you’re drunk. We’d really like to know so we can make fun of you here in the office. Kidding. …Or am I?


P.S. Oh, BTW, you can get that sweet alcohol tin sign in the photo above right here.


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