What Does Your Brew Say About You? Budweiser & Bud Light Drinkers

It turns out that beer choice relates to personality, politics and purchasing habits. In fact, the folks at Advertising Age say it can be as telling about your personality as the clothing you wear or the car that you drive.

Mindset Media, a market researcher specializing in psychographics decided to look into the concept of beer-as-window-to-the-soul and find out how your loyalties and drinking habits relate to your personality. In August and September, Mindset interviewed over 2,600 people online and found specific personalities and mind-sets “popped” for more than half a dozen branded beer choices.

Here’s what they found out about Budweiser and Bud Light drinkers:

Budweiser and Bud Light

True to form, Bud drinkers are sensible, grounded and practical. They are the polar opposite of daydreamers and don’t easily get carried away. These beer drinkers also don’t like authority—can anyone say union?—and are emotionally steady people who live in the here and now. However, what may be a bit surprising is that people who prefer Bud can also be very spontaneous and tend not to do much advance planning.

Budweiser drinkers are 42% more likely to drive a truck than the average person, 68% more likely to choose a credit card with flexible payment terms and 42% more likely to use breath-freshening strips every day.

Bud Light
Are Bud Light drinkers just Bud guzzlers on a diet? Not a chance. Bud Light personalities actually skew quite different from their more-caloric sibling. Keep in mind, this was the beer choice for President Barack Obama during his so-called “Beer Summit” this summer when he invited police officer James Crowley and Harvard professor Henry Gates over to the White House for a beer and a make-up chat. (The cop chose Blue Moon and the professor selected Red Stripe.)

Bud Light drinkers profile as lacking in carefulness. They are grounded like their Bud brethren, but respect authority. Bud Lighters can also have frat boy-like personalities, particularly when it comes to personal risk-taking. In regard to others, these good-time guys and gals are accepting of most everyone and generally easy to get along with.

Bud Light drinkers are also 48% more likely than the average person to play the lottery every day and 34% more likely to never buy organic products.

It seems pretty accurate to us – and it’s definitely interesting. What are your thoughts?

Coming soon: the findings for Michelob Ultra, Corona, Heineken, Blue Moon, craft beer drinkers and abstainers.



  • M November 5, 2009 @ 10:46am

    I do agree that the type of beer that you drink does say something of your personality. Theres a big difference between somebody who is drinking Genny Light versus a Imported German Hefeweizen. Maybe I’m just prejudice…but I’ll take the Hefeweizen any day over Genny Light…excuse me while I go puke…
    I drink beer for the taste…not to just go out there and get drunk. So if I can’t afford to drink the good stuff…then I have no business drinking in the first place.

  • Hannah November 5, 2009 @ 11:57am

    M – thanks for the input! Check back through next week for parts 2 and 3 on What Your Beer Says About You 🙂

  • M November 5, 2009 @ 1:18pm

    I will definitely check back. But I already know that German Hefeweizen drinkers are always Strong Gorgeous people, and are 75% more likely to be friends with me, and 35% more likely to buy organic products.

  • Hannah November 5, 2009 @ 1:22pm

    hahahaha, yes, you’re right about all that! Come by for live music and another one of those tall Franziskaners on Sunday!

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