What’ll They Think of Next?

I often think about how much technology has advanced during my 84-year-old grandfather’s lifetime. He has witnessed the rise of automobiles, television, and microwaves, debit cards, computers, navigation systems, cell phones and approximately a million other gizmos and gadgets created to make life easier. When I reflect on how far we’ve come already, it’s often hard to imagine what they’ll possibly think of next.

We’re all about the innovation, especially when it comes to beer and bars. The N-ice Rack keeps beer pong cups in line and on ice, so the beer stays cold and tasty. The Sippin’ Seat Flask saves you money and makes it possible to never miss a moment of an exciting game and Twist ‘n Shot Jello Shot Cups use an innovative plastic twisting mechanism to get your jello shot out of the cup and into your system easier than ever before.

Scouring the internet for cool stuff, I came across the genius invention of recent Duke University graduate John W. Cornwell. His inventive appliance has existed in the fantasy worlds of men like Al Bundy and Homer Simpson for years but John was able to use modern machinery and his BSE in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science to make the dream a reality. This video of his beer-launching mini-fridge shows the power, accuracy and sheer genius of this little device that’s sure to make so many lives so much easier.

I guess this means that someday I’ll tell my grandkids about the “old days” when I had to walk to the fridge for a beer, barefoot, in the snow, uphill both ways.

Keep up the great work John!


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