What’s In a Name? Brewers Association Updates Beer Styles

The Brewers Association has officially updated their Beer Style Guidelines for 2011, according to beeradvocate.com. Currently the guidelines, which are used for judging brews in distinguished beer competitions, describe 140 different styles of beer and are updated annually.

Some beer styles have had major updates made for the year, including descriptions for:

  • Belgo-American-Style Ales
  • Belgian-Style Flanders Oud Bruin/Oud Red
  • German Bock
  • Rye Beer
  • American-Style Sour Ale

A new beer style has even been added to the guidelines; American-Style Brett Ale. Plus, American-Style India Black Ale has an updated description and has been renamed to just American-Style Black Ale.

Want a copy for your own? Download the Brewers Association Beer Style Guidelines.

Cheers to the hard work and constant improvements by those in The Brewers Association! May no brew be left uncategorized.



  • KrampusNFezziwig January 14, 2011 @ 4:39pm

    Just two guinea pigs’ opinions here. We are quite split on the subject of American Black Ale.

    Krampus here – I think that American Black Ale is AWESOME. Nothing better than an ale that rips the enamel off your teeth. UNLESS IT’S BLACK! Rock on trendy West Coast Breweries! Take that age old style and make it XXX-TREME! American Black Ale could enter the Beerfight Octagon and come out on TOP. ULTIMATE BEER FIGHT CHAMPION!!!11!

    Ahem- Fezziwig here. While my extreme friend may think American Black Ale is wunderbar; I must disagree. I think that many American styles are just variations in marketing of a certain style. While the mouthfeel, IBU, and aroma are the same, but only the color is different the question is begged. I am not even sure there should be an American Style India Pale Ale. Why would you even screw with one of the best classic styles of beer? What is next? Perhaps American Style Imperial Lactic Saison with Brett?

  • Hannah January 19, 2011 @ 11:13am

    KrampusNFezziweg – you guys think you could get my pets to start commenting on the blog? Who says you can’t teach an old pet new tricks? 😉

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