What’s In a Name?: Cocktail Edition

I’m fascinated by language. How did it happen? How did we get from cavemen grunting at one another as they ate wooly mammoth tartare to aristocrats using words that take like twelve seconds to say? Even more importantly, who decided on these words? Who looked at a tree and said “tree” instead of “funderblunkel”? And of course all of this isn’t even touching on how different languages developed simultaneously in different regions. Communication is a crazy thing.


Caveman Martini

“Me like. Me call martini. Me prefer shaken not stirred.”

What’s really sad is that unless we invent a time machine, I’ll never know why I don’t seek shade under a funderblunkel on a hot summer day. But you know what I can learn about? The origins of the names behind lots of cocktails. As consolation prizes go, this one is pretty awesome.

The following video is presented by the fine folks at Mental Floss (a magazine, website, and social media presence for people who feel like cramming their brains full of sweet, sweet factoids). Give it a watch, and then wow your friends with your knowledge of the nomenclature origins of many delicious cocktails. We bet they’ll be impressed. And if they aren’t? Tell ’em to make like a funderblunkel and leave.

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