What’s the Most Popular Beer In Each World Cup Nation?

Image via TheBigLead.com

Image via TheBigLead.com


For many people out there, today is basically as good as Christmas. Why? Because today is the first day of the World Cup, arguably the world’s most popular sporting event (and really, without the Olympics, that title wouldn’t even be arguable).

The World Cup only rolls around once every four years, so you’ve got to make the most of it while its here. Soccer fans everywhere are ready to call in sick so they can belly up to the bar and watch their boys get their kicks in.

And just what are they likely to be drinking? Well, this incredible graphic from TheBigLead.com gives us some pretty valuable insight into just that question. Organized by World Cup Group (each four-team Group features round robin play with the two best teams advancing to the knockout rounds), this graphic displays the most popular (in terms of domestic sales) beer in each country that’s lucky enough to be a participant in this year’s Copa Mundial.

If you’re like us, you’ll be pretty surprised by some of the answers (we’re looking at you Belgium) and just delighted by others (I, for one, giggle at Portugal’s Super Bock).

So go ahead, check this thing out. And don’t forget…kickoff between Brazil and Croatia is at 4 PM today!



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