When Holidays Fall on a Hump Day…Can You Still Get Drunk?

I love the Fourth of July; it’s one of my favorite holidays. I love the ease of picnic-style parties, poolside cocktails with my family and late-night fireworks.

Most of all, I love to wrap the Fourth around a long weekend. Enjoy the day, sipping cocktails, knowing that I don’t have to start deleting spam first thing in the morning under the glare of fluorescent lighting.

That’s why this whole Wednesday thing is killing me. We should be celebrating our freedom: our freedom to blow off work for a few days in the prime of summer, our freedom to drink free from the worry of the office albatross. But a holiday on hump day…Yuk! Thursday morning, most of us will have to be fully functioning for a busy day – up bright-and-early, Star Bangled Spanner Cocktailshowered, dressed and coherent. Ugh.

I guess that feeling a sense of accomplishment on Thursday will strip me of my desire to get sauced on Wednesday (who am I kidding).

Regardless, to my dismay, I plan to lay low on the booze (after…noon) and be bright eyed and (relatively) bushy tailed post holiday.

For those ace-holding Americans that are taking the extended weekend – here’s a slammin’, patriotic drink. Throw one back for me, please!

Star-Bangled Spanner

Chill all ingredients before pouring.

½ oz green Chartreuse
½ oz Triple Sec
½ oz cherry brandy
½ oz crème violette
½ oz yellow Chartreuse
½ oz blue Curacao
½ oz brandy

Pour green Chartreuse into a chilled flute. Gently pour in Triple Sec to make the second layer. Gently add the cherry brandy for the third layer, the crème violette for the fourth, the yellow Chartreuse for the fifth and the Curacao to make the sixth. Lastly, float the brandy on top.


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