When Simpler Times Weren’t So Simple

Ah, the “good ol’ days.” Back to the time when neighbors were neighborly, more women stayed home to care for the house than went off to work and things seemed just … simpler. While some of us may too young to have experienced it, we’ve all heard stories that make us think about how different our lives would be, had we grown up during those times.

Thanks to Ed and 22 Words, I got a little taste of some of the reality of the good ol’ days; the reality that, despite much of the simplicity that defined the times, some of the little luxuries we live with every day now weren’t so simple. As it turns out, popping open a can of beer at the end of a hard day took more effort than I could have imagined.

Easy Open Beer Cans 1930s Ad

I’m betting the people who created these easy-open cans, back in the 30s, didn’t have even an inkling at just how easy cracking open a cold one would become. Hell, we can even get our phones to order a can opened and poured for us!

Constant innovation at every turn? I’ll drink to that.


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