When the Pirates Lose, Beer Drinkers Win

A sign outside of Pittsburgh’s Stroll Inn reads, “If the Pirates lose, you win,” alerting passers-by of a promotion that plays on the Pirates’ 19 year losing streak. [bucsdugout.com]

Pittsburgh Pirates
J. Pat Carter/Associated Press

Apparently for every game the MLB team loses, the pub knocks another 5¢ off of the price of a pitcher of beer. A regular customer of the Stroll Inn was quoted in saying that they’re “having fun, trying to bring in more people, actually, to come and watch the games.”

As a diehard Buffalo Bills fan, I know a thing or two about losing streaks. While some people may have felt that a promotion such as this is disrespectful, I think it’s a funny way to get people out of their houses and into the establishment. Just because patrons get a little something extra when their team loses doesn’t mean they’re not still rooting for the team.

Cheers to the Stroll Inn for their creative marketing effort and for not letting such a long losing streak get them down.


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