Which Beer Will Win?

I know, I know, this has been done before thousands of times, but never by me. You guessed it: I am going to give you the final four in my Beer March Madness. I am sure you have seen the drill before, each team left will represent a team in the beer final four. At the end of the tournament the beer associated with team that wins will be deemed the winner.

“So What?” you say? What does good does that do anybody? Good question. I struggled with that for a while. It really won’t do anyone too much good at all. However I do feel that we should somehow notify the winner of the result, so… the beer that wins will receive and letter from me, on official KegWorks.com letterhead notifying them of the prestigious award.

Enough of what the winner will get, let’s meet the contestants.

Michelob AmberBock (Illinois) – For those of you that don’t like dark beer this is a great way to introduce yourself to beers that have complex flavors and don’t have that run of the mill taste.


Labatt Blue (Louisville) – Labatt Blue and Blue Light are in my opinion Canada’s two top “large brewery” beers. They area a great blonde beer, for those of you who do not like dark beers. They are not that popular in the US yet, but look to see that change.

And In the Other Bracket…

Flying Bison Aviator Red (UNC) – Unless you are from Buffalo, NY you have probably never heard of Flying Bison Brewery. That is a shame, Flying Bison has been brewing craft beers for 5 years now. My favorite by far is the Aviator Red. Next time you find yourself in Buffalo, make sure you grab yourself a pint.


Ommegang Three Philosophers (Wisconsin) – We needed to round out the final four with a Belgian style brewery. Ommegang makes many different styles of Belgian beer, but the Three Philosophers has the a more unique taste. It is not your typical light Belgian like a Hoegaarden, it has a deeper color and flavor. You should be able to find it at a specialty beer store.

Now that we have the line up set, we just need to sit back and watch the drama unfold. Cheers, may each team do their best.

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