Which Do You Prefer, Light Beer or Dark Beer?

For most people, “going for a beer” can have many meanings. To some it means going to the corner bar and tilting back a few Budweiser’s or Millers and watching a game. To others it may mean drinking whatever beer they are selling for $.25 until they pass out. For others yet it may mean going to a specialty beer bar, like the one that Sam Adams makes fun of in one of their commercials. If you are one of the people that enjoys a specialty beer every now and again as I do, which style do you go for? Light or Dark?

There are some people who really stand behind their dark beer, with good reason. There have been some recent reports that suggest dark beer can be healthier for you than light beer. I try not to tie myself down to drinking just one style of beer, I enjoy dark beer but I think my favorite everyday drinking beer would have to be Labatt Blue. This is a great beer from Canada that always seems to hit the spot!

Read the second post on this page describing an idea for “Beer for Oil” with Iraq! That could work, couldn’t it?

If you wonder why haven’t posted in a while it was due to my 2 day plane travel from Buffalo to Orlando. I met some cool people on the way, more to come on my travel!!!

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