Who Says You Can’t Have Fun with an Error?

Every so often, someone may be directed to an old page that is no longer on the site. Other times there may simply be something wrong with their URL. (Typos do happen!) When the page you’ve erroneously requested can’t be found, you’re given an error page known as error 404 instead. There’s a standard version but companies do have the ability to create their own custom version and recently we decided to do just that. Here’s what we came up with: KegWorks 404 Page Even though they aren’t beer related, we thought we’d share some of our 10 favorites from other sites, just to keep you entertained. You’re welcome. Limpfish 404 Page Orangecoat 404 Page Allstate Teen 404 Page JustCreativeDesign 404 Page Frye Wiles 404 Page Astuteo 404 Page The Northface 404 Page Amorphia Apparel 404 Page Frogsthemes 404 Page [techtags:ERROR 404, 404 PAGES, FUN 404 PAGES]

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