Who Were Johnnie Walker, Captain Morgan and José Cuervo?

Did you know that Johnnie Walker was a Scottish grocer and never distilled a drop of whiskey; while Jack Daniel started distilling at the age of 9?

Johnnie WalkerOr that Smirnoff Vodka was originally marketed as “White Whiskey–No Smell, No Taste.” Vodka was promoted as easy to mix, light on taste and, when mixed with one’s morning coffee, hard to detect on the breath. The perfect drink for an increasingly affluent society looking to drink away Prohibition. (Which reminds me of my favorite drinking quote from a movie; “Generally I recommend my men stay away from vodka, and stick with scotch and bourbon. So the brass will know they’re drunk and not stupid.” – Kurt Russell in Tequila Sunrise)

Forbes Online did a great article on the stories behind many of the most popular spirit brands on the market today.

Be sure to click the link “In Pictures: Behind Booze Brands” to the view the slide show.



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