Why Smoke When You Can Just Drink Marlboro Beer?

Drinking and smoking have always seemed like a natural pair and this "blast from the past" story on Foodiggity tells of Philip Morris’ attempt to straight up combine the two in the early 70’s.

Marlboro Beer

The tobacco giant had acquired full ownership of Miller Brewing Company and in 1970 they filed a patent for Marlboro Beer. Plans were eventually squashed but the fact that it was ever an idea in the first place is pretty entertaining.

Can you imagine? Marlboro Red, Marlboro Beer Light, Marlboro Beer Ultra Light, Marlboro Medium Ale, Marlboro Menthol and maybe even Marlboro Smooth – ha! They could market it as "All of your vices in one fun bottle! Ultra-concentrated for your convenience…"

Hey, maybe it’s not too late? Think it’d ever fly?


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