Wine? There’s an App for That.

Here at KegWorks, we love our fine wines and our Apple products. I was happy to see that there are a number of free and cheap apps for iPhone and iPod Touch for winos!

Snooth Wine iPhone App

Snooth Wine (Pro version gives you image recognition and costs less than $5) is free and gives you reviews, stores nearby, prices, and inventory of the particular wine you were interested in. Just go to that wine snob friend’s house and snoop in his wine cellar. Bet you get a better deal than he did!

Wine Events iPhone App

Wine Events is free and shows you events… you guessed it, having to do with wine in the area you are going to! Distance from your location, how much it costs and details about the event are included.

Pair It iPhone App

Pair It is $4.99 and is fun to shake to find a great food and wine pairings, complete with recipes! Details for the wine chosen and options for all types of foods are all part of the app, plus who doesn’t love to shake and beat on their phone?!

Enjoy the wine trail and open one up for me!


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