Witamy! It’s Dyngus Day!

Every Dyngus Day tens of thousands of people make their way to Buffalo, NY to celebrate spring, show their Polish pride and partake in the largest organized post-Lenten celebration in the world. Held the Monday after Easter, it’s a party centered holiday!

After the restrictive nature of Lent, you need to let loose and Dyngus Day is just the way to do it! With many events starting mid-morning with a large buffet of traditional Easter foods (kielbasa, ham, fresh breads, eggs) there’s sure to be tons of polka music, dancing into the early morning hours and lots of drinking. Single men and women can head out with hopes of finding love, as part of the Dyngus Day tradition is to engage in organized flirting by sprinkling water on and tapping one another with pussy willow branches. The best part is, everyone is Polish on Dyngus Day!

This video gives you into the holiday and the celebration:

If you’re not lucky enough to be in Buffalo today, you won’t be able to take advantage of our parade and an entire historic Polonia district full of packed pubs. The good news is, you can always head to your local tavern, throw some polka on the jukebox and try some Sobieski Polish Vodka or a Tyskie, the official beer of Dyngus Day! A Polish pilsner brewed in the town of Tychy in Southern Poland, Tyskie is light in color, with a rich, full flavor, prominent hops for a strong, bitter palate, and a hearty 5.7 percent alcohol content. No wonder the parties have a reputation of getting a bit crazy!

If you are in Buffalo, get off of our blog and go party! There’s an entire schedule of events, here.


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