With a Cherry On Top

I’ve liked cherries for as long as I can remember. My affection for the sweet and succulent garnish developed into Luxardo Gourmet Maraschino Cherriesfull-blown love when I was a little kid. My family went out to dinner at the same restaurant every Friday night and while the adults enjoyed their cocktails, I would sip on a nice stiff Shirley Temple. My favorite waitress always hooked me up by tossing in three or four extra cherries, making me a very happy little girl.

As I grew up, my love for cherries grew too. I loved to try the different varieties at the grocery store and I made it a point to go on several cherry picking excursions. Throughout my college years, I was a waitress at a country club. As I’d stand at the bar waiting for drinks for my tables, I’d help myself to the cherries in the garnish tray.

Jar of Luxardo Gourmet Cherries During a night out, I’d often order 3 Olives Cherry and 7-up, the delicious “grown-up” version of my classic childhood Shirley Temple. I even spent hours learning how to tie a stem with my tongue!

Needless to say, when a jar of the Luxardo Gourmet Maraschino Cherries made its way onto my desk as a part of the new product process here at KegWorks, I was VERY excited. I was even more excited when Dave cracked open a jar and brought them around the office for everyone to try.

The only way to describe my first experience with these gourmet cocktail cherries is to straight up tell you that the bar for the quality of the cherries in my life has been raised. I will never be able to fully enjoy a standard cocktail cherry again. Sure, your typical cherries aren’t bad… but try one of these babies and you’ll know what you’re missing, trust me. The delicious, all-natural whole pitted cherries are candied in deep red Marasca syrup, without use of any thickening agents or Luxardo Cherries in a Glasspreservatives. I’m not sure which part makes them so mouth-watering but whatever it is, it’s amazing.

Luxardo is a premier name in mixology, typically known for their infused liquors. This Italian company certainly seems to know a thing or two about making amazing cocktail cherries as well. They’ve perfected the garnish and transformed it from “a little extra flavor” to an essential ingredient that has the capability of turning an ordinary drink into an extraordinary cocktail.

These gourmet cherries are an exclusive Italian import and from what I hear, they can be hard to find. Top pastry chefs swear by them, people who appreciate fine cocktails want them… now I know why. I’m just glad KegWorks has them.

Do you think it’s rude to bring your own cherries to a bar?


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  • Swigsblog March 4, 2008 @ 12:52pm

    Cherries, yes!

    I make my own cocktail cherries with Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur. Just drain the juice out of a jar of dark, lightly sweetened (Trader Joe’s brand is good) Morello cherries and replace it with the liqueur.

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