Drunken Dueling

Since working here at KegWorks all things libation seem to pique my attention, even in my down time.

World of WarcraftAs a self-described geek and “big kid” (and, no, I’m not ashamed to admit it), I set aside a day or so every week for one of my favorite guilty pleasures: World of Warcraft, or “WarCrack” as it’s known among seasoned players. Its nickname stands as such because it is a very addicting game with very intricate storylines, picturesque play zones, imaginative characters, and heavy player versus player action. Of course killing things in-game is also a great stress release. (My fellow Warcrafters out there will back me up on this.)

In addition to a rabid fan base, Warcraft’s popularity is further evidenced by boasts from Blizzard, the creative minds behind the game, of a 10 million subscriber base. (ftw!)

Keg in world of WarcraftWhen not slaying monsters or otherworldly minions, avatars can purchase “Strong Alcoholic Beverages” from an in-game drink vendor. (Woohoo!) That may not sound too exciting to some, but in this expansive, magical world where factions fight to the death to tip the scales of the world’s fate, it’s good to know that in your down time your avatar can sit and chill long enough to throw back a few and actually get drunk – complete with blurred vision, shlurred shpeech – (hic!), unsteady gait, bad aim, and sometimes, getting sick. Hey, at least you won’t have to worry about getting a hangover. W00t!

Another aspect of game play, enables players can choose when to engage in combat with other players (Player vs. Player, or PvP mode). World of Warcraft FlagSome engage in full-on PvP combat that takes place in massive battlegrounds on teams (with up to 40 other players), killing opposing team members for honor, reputation, and gold. Another PvP option is called “dueling”– (aka PvP practice). The objective is to pit your character’s weapons, armor and skills, as well as your game playing skills against other players in a fight for flat-out domination.

Marry the concepts of getting your avatar completely drunk or hammered with dueling and you get a rather amusing game I like to call, “Drunken Dueling.” The objective? Stupid fun. Get your avatar absolutely hammered, then fight someone to the death. Still doesn’t sound appealing? Drink along with your character while you play! Before you do, a word of warning: Keep in mind that (sometimes) the 3-D rendering can really make you feel nauseated if you’ve been drinking a lot. Trust me, I know firsthand.

In the end, it’s all about killing stuff, blowing off steam and having a good time – in a geeky sorta way. At least it’s good to know that, after all is said and done, you won’t have to worry about getting a ride home or doing something stupid that you’ll regret the next morning.

For the Horde! – erm – Cheers!


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