First Barley-Brewed Gluten-Free Beer in the US

Gluten-free beers having been popping up in the market for a few years now: Anheuser-Busch launched Red Bridge in 2006 and other breweries have pushed out their own attempts since then. The only problem with these gluten-free recipes thus far is that, instead of using barley, they’re brewed up with substitutes such as buckwheat or sorghum. The result is a brew that rarely tastes like beer.

Widmer Brothers Brewing Co. is about to change all of that. On April 2nd (less than a week away!) Widmer will release the first in their new line of gluten-free beers. Aptly named Omission, each beer in the line will be brewed with real, flavorful barley but test well below the gluten-free guidelines. []

Omission Gluten-Free Beer

The motto posted on every bottle in the Omission Beer line is Widmer Brothers’ philosophy on barley-brewed, gluten-free beer, plain and simple: “It isn’t just what we took out, it’s what we left in” … pure win.

We’re hoping to get our hands on a 6-pack of the newly released Omission beers for a blind taste test of our own. If you see it around before we do, or want to do a trade for some hard-to-find Buffalo brews, hit us up.

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