World’s Largest Beer Can Collection

This is Jeff. This is Jeff’s world-renowned beer can collection – which boasts over 56,000 beer cans. It is the single-largest collection of vintage beer cans of its kind on the planet.

Portrait of Jeff

To say that Jeff Lebo is obsessed is probably an understatement, but that obsession has earned him notoriety in the world of beer can collectables. Followers and spectators the world over – even from as far away as South Africa – have come to Lebo’s Pennsylvania “Beer Can Mecca” to bask in all its colorful, metallic glory.

In fact, each room divides Jeff’s massive collection by geographic area. There are rooms dedicated to vintage beer cans from Scandinavia, British Isles, Germany, and many other popular brewing regions.

Scandinavian Beers

Dark Continent Beers

German Beer Cans

American and Canadian Beers

A former board member of the BCCA (Brewery Collectibles Club of America), Jeff is now vice president of the Keystone Chapter of the BCCA. Jeff buys and sells vintage beer cans on his website – which also even provides information for determining the value of vintage cans that may be in your collection.

Kinda makes that one-shelf collection you’ve got going on look pretty weak, huh? 😉


  • Hannah February 13, 2009 @ 11:40am

    Wow, that’s one hell of a collection. Man, I hope he cleans all those cans out before shelving ’em… that’s one smell I wouldn’t want to live in…

  • Ed February 13, 2009 @ 3:05pm

    Interesting you should say that, Hannah, because your comment immediately brought back a memory of that particular smell…

    My brother and I grew up in DC. One year, we went down to The Mall at the crack of dawn on July 5th to collect the cans that people left behind after having watched the fireworks the previous night. Mind you, this is before the world went “green” and people were less attentive about leaving their cans (and other garbage) behind. The smell, as you can probably imagine, was disgusting. By the end of the day, every piece of clothing (and we) smelled like a seriously gross combination of beer and booze. It was really gag-worthy!

    The only thing that made it better (apart from a steaming hot scrub-down in a shower and change of clothes) was the $600 we got from turning in the cans!

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