Yankees Introduce "Craft Beer Destination" at Yankee Stadium

Yankees Craft Beer Destination

Spring is just about here. Birds chirping, sun shining, flowers blooming. You know, all that girly nonsense. Don’t get me wrong, as long as I’ve got sound-proof windows in my bedroom, 30 SPF sunscreen, and some Claritin, those are all great things. But not one of them could ever come close to rivaling the real thing to be excited about: baseball season.

Ah yes, baseball season! The American pastime. The propellant force of momentum that starts in the final days of frost-tinged mornings, carries us through the sweltering drama of the dog days, and crowns a champion just in time for the snow to start flying again.

For some, and I count myself among this number, there’s something spiritual about the crack of the bat, the slap of the tightly-wound ball in well-conditioned leather, and the collective hum of a stadium full of people tallying up the little moments that build into wins or losses, successful seasons or franchise-derailing wastes of time. I mean, who doesn’t like sitting in the grandstand, following along with the ebbs and flows of the game while methodically attacking a bag of peanuts and washing it down with a frosty brew? People who are dumb, that’s who.

We don’t often venture into the world of sports in this here blog. I mean, there’s no specific rule against it, but it’s not really our main scene, you know? So when I stumbled across something that I think connects our beer-loving base with my desire to be pumped up about baseball season, I decided to jump at it.

First, the “good” news…According to popular sports blogging site Deadspin.com, the famous (or infamous if you’re a sensible person who doesn’t like evil teams) New York Yankees have finally recognized the importance of offering a craft beer option. Not everyone is content with a macro-brewed jug of lukewarm suds, and as more arenas and stadiums begin to recognize that fact, the options for the craft-craving masses become ever more appealing.

Of course, because they’re the Yankees, they screwed up. Hilariously. Want to know the beers offered at their “Craft Beer Destination” stand? How about Blue Moon, Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy, Crispin Cider, and Batch 19 Pre-Prohibition Style Lager?

Wow! What a great selection of unique, top-quality, hard-to-fin….Hey. Wait a second. Those aren’t craft beers. Actually, at least a couple of those aren’t even beer. And they’re all brewed by monolithic MillerCoors Brewing Co. And they all kind of suck.

Methinks the “Craft Beer Destination” is in need of a more accurate title. Perhaps, “Crap Beer Destination” fits the bill? Nice try Yankees. Or, you know, NOT nice try.

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