Your Ultimate Tailgating Guide

KegWorks Ultimate Tailgating Guide

KegWorks, along with a number of other key players, has partnered with MediaPlanet Publishing to bring tailgaters in select cities the Ultimate Tailgating Guide, via USA Today. Readers in D.C./Baltimore, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Houston and Denver are, as we speak, being treated to a special section in the weekend edition, complete with KegWorks’ all-time favorite tailgating gear.

Obviously, there are extreme tailgaters all over the country (not just in the listed cities) so we decided to tout our tailgating gear to all you blog readers, too. Our guide features everything you can find in the snapshot above, including:

  • KegWorks Insulated Keg Bags
  • Hops Holster 12-Can Ammo Packs
  • Bronco Keg Beer Pumps
  • Jockey Box Complete Kits
  • Polar Pitchers
  • Go Plate Personal Food and Drink Trays
  • Beer Bottle Hip Holsters
  • Hops Holster 6-Can Belts
  • Red Plastic Beer Cups
  • Oktoberfest Beer Boots
  • KegWorks Beer Pouch Hoodies
  • KegWorks Drinking Dept. T-Shirts
  • KegWorks Draft Beer Growlers
  • KegWorks Insulated Growler Totes
  • Freezable Beer Pong Racks
  • Beer Pong Party Packs
  • Cheerwine and Diet Cheerwine in Cans and Bottles
  • Pub Style Tap Handles

What are you waiting for? Making this season the best ever and gear up for football tailgating now!


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