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Tonic Water & Soda Pop

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Premium mixers help you make premium cocktails. That’s where our collection of specialty tonic waters and soda pops comes in.

We feature ultra-premium tonics from world-renowned companies like Fever Tree, Fentiman’s, Q, and Tomr’s. Each bottle features bright, fresh notes of tonic effervescence that pair perfectly with your favorite gin or other spirit.

Our variety of soda pops is focused on providing unique flavors that you can’t find anywhere else. Ouzo soda, Mr. Q cucumber soda, several one-of-a-kind bottles of Fentiman’s finest...we carry nothing but the best bubbles that will tickle your tastebuds and have you reaching for another bottle.

Want to craft a world class G&T? Premium tonic is a great place to start. For more advice, check out our blog post: How To Make a Proper Gin and Tonic.