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Beer Line Cleaning Kit Instructions

#EDCK-33 | #EDCK-1

These instructions are for use with the KegWorks Deluxe Beer Line Cleaning Kit (#EDCK-33) and the KegWorks Economy Beer Line Cleaning Kit (#EDCK-1).

Beer Line Cleaning Kit Parts

Equipment included

  • One-quart plastic jar and pump assembly
  • Bottle of beer line cleaner
    (32-ounce in Deluxe Kit, 4-ounce in Economy Kit)
  • Faucet brush
  • Spanner wrench (for removing faucet)
  • Rubber washer

You will also need

  • A one-gallon bucket

Step 1
Shut off your CO2 tank by turning the valve all the way in a clockwise direction.

Step 2
Mix one quart of warm water and one tablespoon of Beer Line Cleaner in the bucket.

Step 3
Fill the Plastic Jar with the solution from the bucket, leaving the remaining solution in the bucket.

Step 4
Detach your keg coupler from your keg. Unscrew the hex nuts attaching the beer and air lines to your coupler. Place coupler in the bucket of cleaning solution to soak. Use the brush to scrub the inside of the coupler probe.

Step 5
Use the Spanner Wrench to remove the faucet from your tower or shank and take the faucet apart.

Diagram 1

Step 6
Place the pieces of your faucet in the remaining cleaning solution in the bucket and scrub them with the Faucet Brush, then allow them to soak as you continue to clean.

Step 7
Connect the cleaning attachment on the Plastic Jar to the faucet shank coupling nut, placing the provided rubber washer in between and tighten slightly with the Spanner Wrench (see Diagram 1).

Step 8
Place the end of the beer line in the bucket and manually pump the solution through your lines.

Step 9
Use the Faucet Brush to clean around the shank end and coupling nut.

Step 10
Rinse all faucet and coupler parts under cool running water.

Step 11
Reassemble your faucet head and coupler.

Step 12
Disconnect the Plastic Jar and rinse it with cool, fresh water. Refill the jar with fresh water and reconnect it to the faucet shank coupling nut.

Step 13
Make sure the end of the beer line is in the bucket and pump the fresh water through.

Step 14
Repeat rinse procedure steps 12 and 13 two to three times.

Step 15
After rinsing, disconnect the Plastic Jar and replace the assembled faucet, using the Spanner Wrench to tighten the coupling nut slightly.

Step 16
Attach the beer line and air line to the keg coupler. Make sure to re-insert the black rubber washer in the beer line hex nut fitting.

You are now ready to tap your keg again and turn your CO2 tank back on.

Cleaning Tips and Tricks

  • The drip tray should be cleaned with a sponge (using the same solution) and rinsed
  • The inside of the unit should be cleaned periodically, using the same solution and a damp sponge