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Helpful Tips on Filling and Serving From Your DrinkTender


  • To minimize foaming when filling with carbonated beverages: Before filling the DrinkTender from the tap or container, first fill the ice-chamber with ice and insert into the DrinkTender.
  • Tilt the DrinkTender slightly while gently filling the beverage chamber against the beverage chamber wall.
  • Even greater reduction of foaming can be achieved simply by rinsing the DrinkTender with cold water prior to filling.

Bartenders & Servers

  • Carrying the DrinkTender: It is best to place one hand just under the raised boss area on the base (where the tap connects with the base). This will help stabilize the DrinkTender.
  • Before bringing a filled DrinkTender to a table: The server should pre-place a lazy susan in the center of the table. This way, the server can place the filled DrinkTender on the pre-placed lazy susan rather than try to manage both items in one trip.
  • Lighting the DrinkTender: When using the lighting device, it is easiest to switch on the light before the DrinkTender is brought to the table. After the bartender has filled the DrinkTender and hands the DrinkTender to a server, either the server or the bartender clicks the bottom switch on. The server then takes the lit DrinkTender to the table.

Trouble Shooting Tips

  • If your DrinkTender tap or faucet is dripping or leaking, generally this means the internal plunger is not snug enough to make proper contact within the tap-mechanism. This usually can be easily remedied. Simply twist the horizontal threaded screw-piece located just beneath the tap-handle clockwise (to tighten). The screw-piece has external finger-grip protrusions for easy manipulation. Note: When tightening, a little goes a long way; do not over-tighten! Over-tightening may cause permanent damage.
  • Each DrinkTender comes with two spare lantern lighting system light-bulbs. You will find these spare bulbs incased within a transparent housing attached to the lantern lighting systems bottom base plate next to the battery housing.

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