KegWorks Beer Tasting Guide
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Step out of your comfort zone and start exploring
the vast world of delicious craft beers with our
brand new tasting guide!
How to Choose Beer
Explore beer styles and all of our recommendations!
How to Taste Beer
Get the most out of every sip with the right glassware,
temperature and pour! Make sure your drinking environment
is ideal and find out how to really taste each and every sip.
How to Review Beer
Figure out what you should evaluate and how to do it! Learn to
identify the aroma and mouthfeel and train your tongue to
detect hops and malt.
Beer Tasting Glossary
Learn all the lingo you'll need to talk beer with the pros.
Beer Tasting Notebook
Don't forget to jot down your notes!
33 Bottles of Beer Tasting Notebook
• Made with 100% recycled paper
• Printed in Portland, OR with US grown
soy-based ink
• Simple to use with check boxes and a
flavor wheel chart
Yours for $4.00
Hosting a Tasting Party?
Beer Styles of the World Wheel Beer Tasting and Hops Appreciation Kit
On the hunt for Angostura Bitters?
We've finally got it back in stock!
Grab Angostura now before we run out.
Tasting tools: For your next beer party
Glassware: For your favorite brews
Brew News: Recent blog features
Bar Tools and Accessories
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