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In need of something wearable for a special drinker in your life? You’re in the right spot. Shop our selection of beer- and wine-centric apparel including t-shirts, patrol caps, baseball caps, belt buckles, and even a couple of novelty baby bibs.

While you’re here, be sure to check out customer favorites like the the Hops Holster 12-can Ammo Pack and the Hops Holster 6-Can Beer Belt. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to please with any of this apparel.


This extra long acronym is the key to free drinks at any party or bar you attend while wearing it on a t-shirt or hat. People will undoubtedly ask you what it means, and you simply respond by saying, “If I tell you what it means, will you buy me a drink?” They’ll almost always agree, and when they do, you respond with, “I just told you.” Get it?