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$30 Off $150 • $15 Off $100 • $5 Off $50
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DETAILS is fully open for business.

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Spiegelau The Class of Glass

Are you really tasting your favorite beer?

High performance beer glasses for every occasion. We’ll cheers to that.

But we won’t do it in just any old glass. We won’t cheers with your milk glass. We won’t toast with your coffee mug. And we certainly won’t clink glasses that are actually made of red plastic. Instead, we insist on the best: Spiegelau Craft Beer Glasses!

Stout Spiegelau Glass

This glass was designed with Rogue and Left Hand Brewing, two of America’s premier stout brewers.


Thin glass construction maintains a proper temperature and promotes a fluffier head. The tapered neck and narrow opening force aromas upwards and keep them in the glass, while the conical base and nucleation site on bottom push sediment downwards and allow bubbles filled with aroma and flavor to float to the top.

  • AROMA – Chocolate; Roasted coffee
  • BODY – Medium to heavy
  • FLAVOR – Roasty, bitter, notes of chocolate or coffee
  • MOUTH FEEL – Rich, smooth, and creamy with low carbonation
  • COLOR – Dark
  • TEMPERATURE – American 47-55°F

This dark, luxurious style of brew is distinguished by its use of roasted malt or barley that lends each pour a roasty, aromatic profile. The more you can indulge in the aroma, the better the brew will taste. Every detail of this glass is designed to promote a true sensory experience for every stout.

The Science Behind the Glass: Insulation

Chill out with a beer that stays colder, longer. Spiegelau science uses almost-pure quartz to make exceptionally light and durable walls, which not only keep your brew colder, but help showcase true clarity in color. Simply flawless.

American Wheat Spiegelau Glass

To design their special American Wheat glass, Spiegelau turned to world-famous Bell’s Brewery.

American Wheat

Featuring thin-walled construction that ensures proper serving temperature, a laser cut rim for crisp delivery of every sip, a large bowl designed to enhance aroma, and a unique “lip” at the bowl’s bottom to reinvigorate carbonation with each slosh, this glass makes your favorite wheat beer taste its very best.

  • AROMA – Banana and clove
  • BODY – Low to high
  • FLAVOR – Complex, fruity or spicy
  • MOUTH FEEL – Highly effervescent and silky
  • COLOR – Straw to amber
  • TEMPERATURE – 45-50°F

A good wheat beer experience should highlight the silky smooth texture and rich aromatics of the brew. The careful engineering of this glass helps any drinker develop a fuller appreciation for all the subtle details that combine to form the complexities of the final product the brewer intended.

The Science Behind the Glass: Strength

Slicker than your average glass, and even smoother to the touch, the process of running liquid glass through platinum tubes makes Spiegelau craft beer glasses ultra-light, while still being crack-resistant and dish-washer safe. How do they do it? A not so secret ingredient... Thanks Zinc.

IPA Spiegelau Glass

For this glass, Spiegelau collaborated with two preeminent American IPA brewers: Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada.

India Pale Ale

This beautiful glass is designed to showcase the aromatic profiles of your favorite IPA, preserve a frothy head, and enhance mouth feel. Its wide mouth allows for savoring at your own pace. If you’re a hop head, this is a must-have.

  • AROMA – Hoppy
  • BODY – Medium to full
  • FLAVOR – Bitter and earthy
  • MOUTH FEEL – Clean and smooth, average carbonation
  • COLOR – Yellow to brown
  • TEMPERATURE – 45-50°F

Boosting the hoppy flavor and helping keep your brew perfectly chilled, a Spiegelau IPA glass boasts a bulbous shape with a ribbed base, specially designed to release aromas to the palate and keep beer colder than your average-joe pint glass.

The Science Behind the Glass: Quality

Only the finest ingredients are used in Spiegelau glass. From the sand that helps the glasses shine bright and clear, to elements like potassium that increase light refraction, these craft beer glasses really are brilliant.

Spiegelau Tasting Kit

Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Kit

Three different types of beer glasses that will make any brew taste its best. Each of the glasses features the trademark Spiegelau quality that ensures it will be a trusted sipping companion for years to come. Treat your beer right and it’ll do the same for you.

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