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Wine Refrigerators & Chillers

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Unlike kitchen fridges, which are designed to keep humidity low and their contents at a chilly sub 40 degrees, wine refrigerators, wine chillers, and wine coolers can be set to optimal wine storage temperature (53 to 57 degrees) and are designed to retain humidity (which keeps corks moist) rather than drive it out. Alternatively, they can be used to hold bottles at proper serving temperature. Proper wine serving temperature is not always equal to proper wine storage temperature, and it varies between wine styles and from varietal to varietal. For that reason, it’s especially useful to have a dual-zone wine fridge.

We have a wide selection of wine refrigeration units that vary in both size and style to suit your space wine storage needs. Shop fridges with wood shelves, pull-out shelves, and glass doors, and wine chillers that hold anywhere from 8 to 120 bottles. Ensure that the wine you’re aging, serving, or storing stays fresh and tasting its best.