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10 Signs You're a Beer Snob

There's a difference between being a beer lover and a beer snob. Here are 10 signs to indicate that you may have crossed the line. 1. After mowing the lawn you consume an Arrogant Bastard because you have trouble admitting that a light beer is worthy 2. You've gone from simply critiquing other people’s beer choices to critiquing the beer AND their glassware choice 3. You don't bother asking bartender(s) for recommendations because you assume you're the one who should be schooling them 4. You won't even consider purchasing a six-pack that costs less than $12 5. Your pets, boats and/or children have beer-related names 6. You can pronounce "Reinheitsgebot" and work it into everyday conversation whenever possible 7. You make unsolicited suggestions to others shopping in the beer aisle 8. You've left a party because the selection wasn't up to your standards 9. You can't seem to socialize at a bar without getting preachy 10. You're feeling defensive after reading this list [techtags:BEER SNOB, CRAFT BEER]

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