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Party & Picnic Pumps

Nothing gets the party going better than a cold, frosty keg just waiting to be tapped. In order to get into it, you’ll need a keg pump.

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What You Need to Know About Party & Picnic Pumps

Unlock the treasure hidden inside your keg of beer with a beer keg pump. Picnic pumps and party pumps allow you to tap a keg virtually anywhere outdoors or indoors for parties and special events. Keg tap pumps are operated by hand to force draft beer from the keg by pumping oxygen inside of it. They are an ideal option for events where an entire keg will be consumed within a short period of time (within 12-24 hours). 

We offer picnic pumps and keg taps for sale for all different types of keg coupler styles. For an effortless keg pump, you can use a CO2 picnic tap to skip having to pump your keg tap by hand. You can also help you keep your cold by covering it with an insulated cover. 

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