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Kegerator and equipment to serve your homebrewed Kombucha on tap or purchase kegs of Kombucha to enjoy at home.

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What You Need to Know About Kombucha

Serving kombucha on tap is increasingly becoming a popular notion for home and commercial bar owners alike. With the right products, you too can serve this product from your draft system.

Whether you home brew kombucha or want to outfit a commercial system, we have the draft equipment you need to properly serve kombucha tea. To batch and serve a kombucha keg, a Cornelius, or Corny keg and ball-lock disconnect are necessary components. To limit resistance as the kombucha travels up to the draft faucet, barrier lines, rather than typical vinyl lines, are used.

Because draft kombucha is much more acidic than draft beer, it is highly recommended that all stainless-steel liquid contact components are used. This includes the draft shank and faucet tap. All of the draft towers in this category feature 100% stainless-steel contact, and this category also features mostly Perlick faucets for top-of-the-line quality.

You can allow your kombucha recipe to carbonate naturally by adding sugar to the batch, or kombucha can be force carbonated with a CO2 tank and CO2 regulator. With these draft parts, you can open up your dream kombucha bar or serve draft kombucha at home. Check out our kombucha on tap guide for more info!

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