Introducing Insta-Beer

The world’s first instant beer, available exclusively at KegWorks!

Insta-Beer is revolutionizing the alcohol industry. After years of research, thousands of trial runs and plenty of hangovers, a dedicated team of German scientists has perfected a groundbreaking formula for powdered beer.

In less than 60 seconds, each packet makes one 12-ounce serving of damn good beer. Simply combine the patented brew powder with ice-cold water for an outstanding glass of the good stuff. It’s every bit as enjoyable as your favorite bottle or can, for a fraction of the price.

Grab 12 Insta-Beer packets for just $7.95

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The Insta-Beer Line Up:


Everything an American beer should be; casual, smooth and incredible. Copper-amber in color with a medium body, malty aroma and impeccably balanced hops.
4% ABV

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A smooth, rich, full-blown stout. Dark ebony with a beautiful thick brown head, perfect carbonation and robust body. Flavors of roasted malt, espresso and chocolate dominate.
6% ABV

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A truly robust brew, full of taste and character. Mahogany colored with a pleasant mouthfeel, bold body and the taste of light fruits and steely caramel.
7% ABV

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Insta-Belgian Ale

Strong, bold and beautiful. A golden color with a crisp aroma that starts off fruity and finishes with a bitter and clean hops flavor. High alcohol content but very drinkable.
10.5% ABV

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What People Are Saying

“For years I’ve fantasized about an instant beer! This product is nothing short of incredible. Slip a packet into your pocket and you can have a great beer anywhere!”

-Marc, Beer Connoisseur, NYC

“The results are more impressive than some of the pricey craft beers I’ve had recently – and all you need is water. It’s almost too good to be true!”

-Otto, Dumpfbacke Brewery, Germany